Rowan berry treatment



tasty aroma with a touch of bronze-coloured sunset



quenched skin radiant with bronze glow


 Full of summer sun, energy and joy, the rowan berry is a valuable source of energy

vitamins, which reduces inflammation and imperfections on the skin, stimulates

excretion of excess fluid from the body and reduces swelling.

Each muscle will feel lightness and joy of movement.

Nourishing oils and extracts will allow the skin to brighten up after a touch of refreshing summer

rain drop, supplemented with a light bronze mineral glow,

highlighting your uniqueness and beauty.

Almond oil has wonderful anti-ageing properties and inflammation healing power, it will deeply

moisturise the skin while reducing pore;, E, A and B group vitamins strengthen the skin's

defence abilities and awaken its vitality. In turn,

the royal strength of youth and beauty of jojoba oil

will awaken tired skin. Castor oil smoothes out small wrinkles and heals small

wounds and irritations; it will take great care for the most sensitive skin.

Vitamins C, P and K will stimulate regeneration processes in the body, and

 carotene creates a nice skin tone and will help get a nice bronze  tan.