Northern forest treatment
freshness, energy, mental and physical strength, sexual energy
moisturized skin, an influx of forest and plant energy
Aromatherapy associations:
fresh forest air aroma
Northern forest procedure with a refreshing and strengthening forest aroma, where pine
perfume combines with plant energic touch. The treatment includes massage peeling, bath
foam, massage lotion and oil, which contains antibacterial, pain relieving and relaxing properties
with expressively moisturizing and antiseptic effect, to improve the skin elasticity and health.
The pine etheric oil and aloe vera stimulates, restores, cleans and strengthens immunity and the
whole organism. Pine promotes energy, the feeling of mental balance and activates sexual life.
The pine perfume creates the touch of nature which men also like. Almond oil’s great anti-aging
properties and inflammation healing power will moisturize the skin, E, A and B group vitamins
will strengthen the skin and induce freshness. In turn, grape oil will take care of skin restoration.
Sesame oil smoothes out and heals skin wrinkles and inflammations. It will take care of even
the most sensitive skin. The healing power and softness of aloe vera will make the treatment
excellently nourishing and fresh.
The treatment includes:
Massage peeling 1000g
Massage lotion 1000ml
Massage oil 1000ml
Concentrated bath foam 1000ml