Hemp treatment



warmth, touch of the nature and relaxation, inspiration



intensively moisturising-nourishing skin treatment


Aromatherapy associations

anti-depressive treatment reducing stress and feeling of loneliness,

and invigorating vitality and joy of life



a euphoric treatment improving mood and lifting spirit

Hemp plant contains proteins, antioxidants, carotenes, amino acids, calcium,

potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and essential unsaturated fatty acids:

Omega-3 and Omega-6 that deeply moisturise the skin,

hair, nails and are relatively quickly absorbed, giving the body a beautiful,

healthy glow, and ensuring

skin elasticity and softness. Hemp contains the valuable vitamins А, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D and E.

In medicine hemp is used to strengthen immunity, reduce stress and treat insomnia

and metabolic disorders. Hemp helps increasing the volume of milk

to women who are breastfeeding, and

gives vitality and strength to children.


The treatment offers aroma suitable for both genders and consisting of

a bitter touch of grapefruit and ginger, accompanied by mild nuances of

spices.  The composition of aromas creates a fragrance that is even more intensive than the

natural hemp aroma. The treatment is based

on jojoba and almond oils, hemp particles and extracts, supplemented with

 components protecting against adverse environmental effects. 

Hemp treatment will encourage creativity and relaxation, and create a positive and joyful

 mood. Hemp contains afrodisiacs which give strength and energy to both

genders, reduce depression, melancholy and daily stress by lighting a sparkle of  freedom,

good company and sensuality.


Hemp treatment does not contain TCH or drugs! It is based on Canabis Sativa plants

and raw materials.