Peach treatment
foamy peach enjoyment
tan-stimulating, fully nourished skin even a full day after the procedure
Aromatherapy associations:
sunny greetings from the southern lands
mood and skin tone improving treatment
Peaches are a symbol of longevity and youth, it is an ally of beautiful body shape and healthy
looks. The peach treatment will be useful for improving mood, creating joy and optimism,
relaxing and restoring strength. Therefore the skin will enjoy the vitamin cocktail and the
generosity of carotenes, which will help to get a golden tan and a wonderful skin tone
immediately after the treatment. The precious oils moisturize and restore the skin, eliminating
drowsiness and inflammation, as well as take care of skin elasticity. The treatment will reduce
the area of pigmentation on the skin and will make it smoother, it also heals abrasions. Cocoa
butter and added extracts, vitamins B, C, PP and K, and amino acids will greatly take care of
giving you a good mood, harmony and lasting feelings of nourished skin even after the
Available products:
- Massage peeling 1000g
- Massage oil 1000ml
- Massage mask 1000ml
- Concentrated bath foam 1000ml