Massage candles



warmth, sensuality



pampered skin, elegant and inspiring aromas



nourishing and emotionally liberating treatment


The treatment is carried out with a massage candle which upon burning and melting turns into

massage elixir.

Base of candle is made of caring oils and varied set of aromas, the customer can

choose depending on  his/ her mood and wishes.

The caring and nourishing candle is made of cocoa and Shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax,

taking perfect care of the skin's well-being and ensuring long-lasting comfort.

One candle is designed for ~ 3 massages.


Candle with chocolate aroma will create relaxed and calming mood.

Fern flower candle will be suitable for both gender owing to its primal nature and strength

Massage candle with a touch of warmth will create a festive mood with its

cinnamon and exotic vanilla aroma.

Wild berry aroma candles will create liveliness and good mood.