Honey – almond procedure



rebirth and tenderness



soft, smooth, glowing and rejuvenated skin


Soft honey-almond massage, saturated with untouched natural regenerative forces and

unusual tenderness. Pieces of almond, honey and oils which are rich in skin restorative

elements, vitamins and worthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids will form the skin soft

and smooth, and restore its flexibility, giving radiance, velvety and wonderful aroma.

Massage with honey-almond peeling will revive sensitive, dry and tired skin by restoring

level of lipids and moisture in the skin, it will prevent desquamation of the skin, it will

activate renewal of skin cells. Ritual will restore your radiance and balance after

emotional pressure.   






Time of procedure, minutes

Amounts used, in grams

Massage with honey-almond body mask-peeling

80 + 15 minutes wrapping + 10 minutes hot towel application to take of the mask