Chocolate treatment



relaxation, happiness, harmony



toned, soft, smooth skin


Chocolate – it is not only a wonderful snack, but also a perfect cosmetic remedy. 

Chocolate contains trace elements and vitamins A, B, E and K that nourish,

refresh and tone the skin. Chocolate promotes production of happiness hormone endorphin

 which eliminates negative emotions and reduces fatigue. Chocolate massage 

calms the nervous system, promotes blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles, reduces 

anxiety, tension, and improves mood, resulting in psychological balance, besides,

it also enhances erotic feelings.


Chocolate revives sensitive, dry, aged and tired skin, moisturises it, by restoring the lipid

and moisture levels in the skin, prevents peeling of the skin, activates cell regeneration,

 increases flexibility and gives a smooth tone also to rosacea skin, makes it

velvety, reduces fine lines and pigment spots. Chocolate

has anti-inflammatory and moisturising effect, it eliminates skin irritation, treats

 sunburns, irritations and abrasions.


Chocolate contains natural UV filters

It contains exfoliating elements (cocoa beans), which during the massage removes the dead

skin cells from the skin.


An interesting fact! Cocoa bean contains around 300 different substances

that have a very  positive effect

on the human body: including anandamide (regulates brain cell activity and signal

transmission), arginine (powerful vascular strengthening source), dopamine

and serotonin (establish the ability to focus, related to sense of happiness and well-being),

epicatehine (protects brain cells from damage), histamine (mediator of allergic reactions),

magnesium, tryptophan (essential amino acids), phenylethylamine (the brain and nervous

system produced hormone that creates bliss, spiritual elevation and feelings similar to love),

polyphenole (antioxidant), thiamine (B1 group vitamin), and epicatehine and cocohyl

(enhance theprocess of skin cell growth, wound-healing, wrinkle reduction).


It has long been known that black chocolate, which contains at least

70% cocoa is a great antioxidant - 50 g of dark chocolate contains as

much antioxidants as

15 glasses of orange juice or 6 apples.