Freshness of the sea treatment
freshness, energy
moisturized, with sea energy saturated skin
Aromatherapy associations:
fresh sea aroma
Seaweed procedure with a pleasant and fresh sea aroma and aloe vera. The treatment includes
massage peeling and massage lotion with spirulina and aloe, which has antioxidant properties
with a highly moisturizing effect to improve skin elasticity. The seaweeds in this series of
cosmetics are rich in vegetable proteins and various vitamins A, B12 and others, chlorophile,
which is a cleansing substance, iron and unsaturated fatty acids, which will prevent skin
roughness and even peeling. Spirulina is also considered to be good for normalizing weight
because it reduces appetite and improves metabolism. The excellent anti-aging properties and
inflammatory healing powers of almond oil moisturize the skin, E, A and B group vitamins will
strengthen the skin's defenses and stimulate vitality. In turn, the royal grape oil youthfulness and
beauty will fully awaken the tired skin. Sesame oil smooths out small wrinkles and will heal skin
irritations and inflammation, will take great care of even the most sensitive skin. The healing
power and tenderness of aloe will make this treatment brilliant.
Treatment includes:
Massage peeling 1000g
Massage lotion 1000ml
Massage oil 1000ml