Dandelion blossom treatment



energy, sun, lightness, joy of life



skin inspired by the energy of the sun


Aromatherapy associations

touch of the sun and meadow, joy, inspiration, sun 

Golden dandelion airy treatment giving dandelion strength, brightness and lightness

of dandelion fluff,

will make you feel an invigorating touch of summer - enriching the skin with

carotene complex: anti-ageing elixir, based on coenzyme Q10, vitamins

minerals and unsaturated essential fatty acids, that maintain optimal

moisture and nutrient balance in the skin.

 The lustful bitter dandelion aroma will make you dream of a summer meadow

allowing to choose a gentle dandelion fluff melting mask massage, or

a touch full of contrasts, combined with robust earth force peeling, 

or maybe experience a warm massage oil mid-summer swelter.

As told by the Latvian and European ancient healing sources, the earth

strength of the dandelion

allowed people develop clairvoyance skills and gave

power to make desired things happen.