Lavender treatment



peace, balance, warmth and holidays



moisturised, smooth and healthier skin


Lavender is one of the oldest plants used for beauty treatments, aromatherapy and health, and

It  has been used for thousands of years. Lavender has antiseptic properties that

help to heal burns, scars and wounds, rashes and eczema,

and therefore lavender is recommended for treating  

sensitive, problematic and damaged skin. The treatment will be

distinctly calming, reducing depression and anxiety, promoting the excretion of excess fluid

from the body, thereby improving the body shape and reducing cellulite.

Lavender reduces muscle pain and relaxes the constrained muscle groups,

reducing tension and pain.


An interesting fact! In ancient Rome a half kilo of lavender cost 100 dinars - the same as

15 visits to the local grooming saloon. In the Middle Ages, lavender was a symbol of 

love. Virgins used the following spell to find their true love: on the Holy

Luke day (18 October) they sipped a tiny bit of lavender brew and then

said the words: "Saint Luke, Saint Luke, show me my true love when I dream".

After the wedding lavender was hidden in the young

couple's bed in order not to lose the passion.