Beer procedure



joy of life, energy, balance, power, relaxation



flexible, smooth, moisturized and hydrated skin


Aromatherapy associations

summer, refreshment, warmth, energy


Some interesting facts about beer:

Historical evidence of Prussian Queen Louise (1776-1810) suggests use of beer for

aesthetic purposes. When the queen turned to physicians with a desire to enhance her

breasts, they suggested: “Drink a beer before and after eating, give up riding, three times

a day thoroughly massage your breasts with beer.” The reason, as evidenced by modern

science – valuable hop chemical consistence . In Scandinavian countries, doctors

recommend using beer in cases of depression, and  beer is officially recognized as

antidepressant in these countries! Medieval cosmetologists used beer for skin cosmetic

masks to restore the beauty of facial skin. Today this efficiency is evaluated again !


Minerals and other elements that beer contains positively effect the nervous system,

muscle strength, body metabolism, activates enzymes and balances hormones. Thus,

beer is among the best natural stimulants and allows men have a normal sexual life as

atherosclerosis is the primary reason behind the erection problems for men. Beer in

small amounts is excellent for preventing atherosclerosis. The Norden cosmetics beer

procedure includes: bath of beer essences, where the main role is playing beer malt

extract, followed by body peeling with beer pot-ale (keeping in them B1, B2, B4, B5, A and

E vitamins and essential amino acids) and massage lotion with valuable skin restorative

oils and beer products containing antibacterial properties. The effect of the beer on the

body is soothing and hypnotic, it reduces pain, facilitates digestion processes, reduces

perspiration and prevents formation of bacteria. The procedure helps to rejuvenate the

skin and reduce wrinkles, it tightens pores and keeps skin moisturized for a long time. It is

a refreshing and reinforcing procedure.



Time minutes 1st option

Time minutes 2nd option

Volume or amounts used (in grams/milliliters)

Bath with beer essencies




Massage with beer peeling




Massage with beer lotion