Linden blossom treatment



warmth, care, holiday, tranquillity



nourished, pampered and moisturised skin, empowering relaxation


Aromatherapy associations

blossom, honey, summer


It reduces the feeling of anxiety, stress, pain and cold, at the same time activating

blood circulation and boosting immunity. Linden blossom has potentially incompatible

features: it calms an excited mind, but at the same time in

case of exhaustion and mental fatigue

it has an energy boosting effect.

 Reduced redness of the skin, treatment of injuries and inflammation, as well as strengthened

capillary networks and reduced freckles. The treatment will have a

toning, soothing, rejuvenating effect and it will help to smooth out the wrinkles.

An interesting fact! The pagans considered that the linden tree was sacred,

they honoured it in their seasonal rituals and even gave different donations. For girls

the cradle was made of linden, and the bath was heated with linden wood. Linden

wood charcoal is soft, so it was once used for drawing, and production of powder,

incense candles and tooth-cleaning powder.