Oriental treatment



warmth, sex appeal and liberation



toned body, and the skin surrounded by elegant oriental spice flavour and

protected from the sun


Aromatherapy associations

wealth, feast, mystery



enriching treatment for the skin and emotionally creative mood

 The treatment consists of a bouquet of elegant and brilliant sweet oriental spices

 supplemented with nourishing and moisturising elements.

 The basis of peeling consists of jojoba and almond oils, oriental

 herbal extracts,  supplemented with components protecting against

adverse environmental effects.

Oriental treatment stimulates metabolism and improves blood circulation, which will contribute to

excretion of toxins from the body and balancing of the flow of energy.

 Warm, festive feeling of an exciting journey for complete relaxation and vitality.


The treatment has been enriched with aromatherapy aphrodisiacs

which give strength and energy to

both genders, reduce depression, melancholy and daily stress  

by lighting up a sparkle of  freedom, elegance and sensuality.