Exotic treatment




frothy banana dessert




pampered and happy skin also a day after the treatment


Feelings during aromatherapy


a sunny greeting from the south




a treatment that will lift your spirit and reduce tiredness



Swedish botanist Linnaeus gave the banana its Latin name Musa Sapietum, which means


 "white man fruit." It is possible that the name is derived from its nutritious qualities, containing a


number of vitamins  minerals and natural hormones of happiness.


Therefore, the banana treatment will be perfect to lift the spirit, create joy and optimism,


to relax and recharge yourself.


The valuable jojoba and almond oils will moisturise the skin, removing imperfections,


inflammation and promote skin rejuvenation, as well as take care of skin elasticity 


and toning. Castor oil reduces pigment spots, brightens the skin,


heals abrasions. Cocoa butter and extracts, vitamins B, C, PP and K and


amino acids take perfect care of a good mood and nourished skin and harmony


 after the treatment as well.