Orange-ginger treatment
warmth, joyfulness, happiness, energy, relaxation
Deeply moisturized, smooth, restored skin; improved body shape and reduced capillary netting.
Aromatherapy associations:
joy, ease, encouragement
Sweet orange and ginger treatment moisturizes and maintains a dry skin’s elasticity, reduces
cellulite negligences, restores skin firmness and gives the it an even tone. The procedure
restores collagen and elastin levels in the skin, which is essential for anti-aging processes.
Significantly reduces capillary netting on the skin. Ginger has excellent immunity enhancing
properties that improve microcirculation of the blood, lower the subcutaneous fat layer and
improve structure of the skin, making it stronger and more vibrant, forcing cellulite to depart. The
ginger touch accelerates wound healing and enriches the skin with minerals, essential fatty
acids, zinc, magnesium, iron, cation, potassium and C, E, A vitamins, relieves pain, it also has
antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Orange - ginger massage and warming body wrapping
creates energy and vitality. The aromatherapy effect of ginger improves memory and reduces
depressive mood. For coming mothers, ginger reduces nausea.
Wild oranges grow in India and southern China, where they are a symbol of immortality and
success. 500 years ago in Europe, the orange grove was the prevailing fashion thing for the rich
society. The first orange seeds in America were delivered by Christofer Columb. Now, orange is
the most widely grown fruit tree in the world. The homeland of ginger is South-East Asia, but it's
no longer found in the wild. The root of ginger, which resembles a deer's horn, is used
extensively in cooking in Asia, also used for beauty, as well as a remedy for countless ailments.
In medieval Europe, high-born ladies would gift ginger to the knights before tournaments,
because they believed that it would bring success to the fighters.
The treatment includes:
Massage peeling 1000g
Massage mask 1000ml
Massage lotion 1000ml
Massage oil 1000ml