Gold treatment



well-being, pleasant pre-holiday excitement



skin covered with golden glow, pampered, and protected from the sun


Aromatherapy associations

holiday, dominance, self confidence



nourishing treatment before important social events, allowing the

body get tasteful, elegant glow

The treatment contains inflammation-reducing and skin-friendly

components and natural UV filters.


The basis consists of natural oils supplemented with protecting components and moisturisers.

Gold not only protects the body from bacteria but also enhances

penetration of oxygen molecules

into the skin, thus affecting cell regeneration and strengthening their

energetic capacity. The skin becomes younger, firmer and acquires a healthy complexion. 

Gold strengthens the lymphatic and blood circulation and facilitates excretion of toxins

from the body. The treatment cleanses the skin and restores normal skin tissue functions,

especially those responsible for the cell regeneration.