Jasmine treatment



gentle scent, summer and joy 



bright, moisturised and soft skin


Jasmine is an aphrodisiac and the king of the feminine strength.

To produce one gram of this royal oil, 8,000 highest quality jasmine flowers are needed.

Jasmine takes wonderful care of

sensitive and irritated skin, it will calm down an excited mind, creating

harmony and balance, peace

and sensual mood. Jasmine aromatherapy treatment will promote new ideas,

increase self-esteem, remove tension, 

eliminate the consequences of mental overload; besides the jasmine

scent has excellent meditative qualities.

Almond oil has wonderful anti-ageing properties and inflammation healing power, it will deeply

moisturise the skin, while E, A and B group vitamins will 

strengthen the skin's defence abilities and

vitality. In turn, the royal strength of youth and beauty of jojoba oil will

awaken tired skin. Castor oil smoothes out small wrinkles and heals  

wounds and irritations; it will take great care for the most sensitive skin.

 Jasmine treatment will be perfect for dry and sensitive skin. 

The strength of jasmine will prevent irritation, redness, symptoms of peeling skin,

feeling of tightness, as well as stress-induced skin spots.